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I blog about my backpacking experiences around the world, many of which are humorous, serendipitous or outright silly or embarrassing. I'll show you some pictures and describe places that you may one day travel to, and if you have already been there, you'll see what other travellers have to say.

Tam Tam jam

Drink some wine, soak some sun, beat some drums, kick some ass and get high on Sundays at Montreal’s Mont Royal.

Toronto Tuesday 03.03: CN Tower

Enthralling pictures of the city from top of the CN Tower as part of this week’s ‘Toronto Tuesday’ photo feature.

Montréal’s Mount Royal

Mont Royal is the mountain that gives its name to the city of Montréal. Located in the middle of the city and next to downtown Montreal, Mont Royal is ideal for a brisk hike to the top. Since the highest point on Mont Royal is only 233m, its more like a large hill than a mountain. 🙂
If you have half a day to spend in Montreal and the weather is good, I’d definitely recommend hiking to Mont Royal and looking at the city from the top. Check out, in this post, some of the things you can do there.

Photo Friday 02.02: Kremlin guards

Russia is among the few countries in the world which imposes conscription on male citizens, although there are a number of ways to avoid military draft. One can easily see a large number of soldiers in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Read more in this week’s ‘Photo Friday

Le Tour de Golden Ring

Situated to the north eastern side of Moscow are a number of ancient towns that were key to the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church. These cities are collectively called the “The Golden Ring.”

These cities are located on the outskirts of Moscow and it is fascinating to see how the scenery changes from hectic urban to leisurely rural, with people smiling at you, cheap food and overall relaxed pace of doing things.

Part of Rouble chronicles Russian travelogue series.

Toronto Tuesday 03.02: Little India

Tour of Toronto’s Little India as part of the ‘Toronto Tuesday’ weekly photo feature.


Dmitrov (Дмитров/द्मीत्रोव) is a town on the northern outskirts of Moscow and close to the Sheremetyevo airport from where I was scheduled to fly out to Mumbai. This town was not in Lonely Planet guidebook and so I didn’t know about it at all. What I discovered there was a pleasant surprise!

Photo Friday 02.01: Arequipa

Arequipa, the city of artists in Peru, as part of the weekly ‘Photo Friday‘ series.

Moscow at Night

Photo essay: When the sun goes down, Moscow lights up. This is part of the series entitled Rouble chronicles, narrating my stories from Russia.