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I blog about my backpacking experiences around the world, many of which are humorous, serendipitous or outright silly or embarrassing. I'll show you some pictures and describe places that you may one day travel to, and if you have already been there, you'll see what other travellers have to say.

How to Enjoy Hitchhiking in Bhutan, with Monks and Truckers

I stood at a road intersection for 30 minutes, waiting for a ride. Then I saw some girls walking in the opposite direction, so I greeted them. They agreed to help me out and guess what, within minutes a pickup truck stopped and the young driver agreed to drive me to India, confessing later that the only reason he agreed to take me was to please the girls.

Pictures that will make you travel to Costa Rica right now

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with amazing natural beauty. Here are some pictures from my recent trip tempting you to book a flight to this land of pura vida.

2015 – A Journey in Photographs

I traveled to some incredibly beautiful places in 2015; I this photo essay I’ll show you some of my favourite travel moments, from Turkey, Costa Rica, and Mexico

2015 – Year in review

2015 was a great year for travel and I visited many new places. Join me on a little trip around the world.

Back to the land of Maya ruins and Tabasco chili peppers

Why travelling in Mexico is a spiritual experience for me. Oh, and a last-minute trip this Fall to the deep Southern interiors of Mexico – Chiapas and Tabasco

Copenhagen: Things to do during a layover

A layover in Copenhagen well spent exploring the city and checking out some historic sights in the downtown core. Some helpful tips to plan your visit.

There’s more to Costa Rican food than rice and beans!

Food post! Pictures and descriptions of mouth watering dishes and specialties from coast to coast!

Discovering Eastern Ontario: Cycling from Ottawa to Toronto

Cycling from Ottawa to Toronto? Let’s do it!

When Kama, the God of Love, gets Burnt to Ashes

A temple on a river island where the God of Love was burnt to ashes…