Benin and Togo Photo Gallery

Photo opportunities are plentiful in Togo and Benin, particularly street photography. The coastline is extensive for viewing both sunrises and sunsets, and the interior parts have thick forests. It desertifies as you go further North.

Benin and Togo in Pictures

Beaches, forests, and lively cities – travelling in Benin and Togo can be fun especially around the time of festivals. I had never been to a French speaking country before. Togo and Benin were my first ones. While these countries are certainly West African, it is neat to notice subtle differences in food, clothing, and cities as you travel from Ghana to Togo, or Benin to Nigeria. The influence of French colonial culture is indisputable.

You can cross the widths of Togo and Benin in three to four hours, but north to south would take days. I spent a lot of time on the water, venturing to a couple of towns north of the capital cities for a few days.

Food was delicious, and had distinct French influences, for example the use of mushrooms and aubergine in soups. I didn’t find the version of red red or jollof rice that was ubiquitous in Ghana, but there were other West African foods from Ivory Coast and Burkhina Faso such as Attiéké.

Gerring around is easy – mostly on a moto (motorbike taxi) that will zip you around sprawling Lomé or Cotonou. For intercity travel there are some buses, but mostly it is shared taxis.

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