Uzbekistan: Tashkent Travel Photos

Uzbekistan is probably the easiest country to travel in central Asia, and has a concentrated corridor of some of the biggest relics from the Silk Road era. Travelling in this country is fun – lots of delicious foods, very friendly people, and comfortable options to get around. Below are some of my favourite pictures from Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Photo Gallery – Tashkent edition

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Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, and is the biggest city in the country. There aren’t many historical sites in the city, but what makes up for the lack of silk road relics is the city’s cosmopolitan vibe. There are many international restaurants here, good tourist infrastructure, shopping options, and markets catering to all types. It’s very easy to spend a whole week in Tashkent checking out different sites or just hanging out in a large but low-key city.

Tashkent has a mix of Soviet-style large city blocks with wide avenues and parks alongwith narrow streets and little houses in the older districts. There is even a couple of subway lines complementing the extensive bus network. Most long distance trains e.g. to Bukhara, Nukus, etc. are conveniently scheduled for overnight trips. Nearby places like Samarkand and Fergana valley are few hours away by comfortable seated rail cars (that broadcast government propaganda). The Kazakhstan border is very close (30 minutes by taxi), but remember to change your time when you cross over!

Tashkent is a good hub to coordinate your travels in Uzbekistan, and also a good spot to hangout and relax if you are on a long trip across the ‘stans/central Asia.

You are here: Photo Gallery » Uzbekistan

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