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Uzbekistan is probably the easiest country to travel in central Asia, and has a concentrated corridor of some of the biggest relics from the Silk Road era. Travelling in this country is fun – lots of delicious foods, very friendly people, and comfortable options to get around. Below are some of my favourite pictures from Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Travel Photos – Food post.

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Uzbekistan has a number of delicious dishes, but the range of culinary options is kindof limited, at least in restaurants. In people’s homes, you get a more wider variety of foods. Restaurant and street food menus revolve around kebabs, bread, and a salad that typically consists of tomatoes and cucumber. Some other dishes are laghman, and plov, which is essentially noodles with meat or rice with meat. Plov is the national dish of Uzbekistan, and I tried it many times in different cities. It tastes different everywhere, and depends on what stock goes into cooking the rice.

Tashkent is very cosmopolitan and this is where we found a wider selection of international foods, most prominently Korean. Termez, on the border with Afghanistan, burget joints were the most ubiquitous.

You are here: Photo Gallery » Uzbekistan

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