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Uzbekistan is probably the easiest country to travel in central Asia, and has a concentrated corridor of some of the biggest relics from the Silk Road era. Travelling in this country is fun – lots of delicious foods, very friendly people, and comfortable options to get around. Below are some of my favourite pictures from Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Photo Gallery – Bukhara edition

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Bukhara (Uzbek: Buxoro, Tajik: Бухоро, Russian: Бухара) is one of the oldest cities in the world and has served as a center of trade, scholarship, culture, and religion for several millennia. There are about 140 historical buildings in the old city, many of them in active use with people residing (as opposed to mostly museums in Khiva).

Here is a tour of Bukhara through pictures.

For an ambitious visitor, the old parts of Bukhara can be fully walked within a day. However, to experience the bazars, have a leisurely afternoon in a tea garden, see facades in a dazzling orange glow during long sunsets, and get lost in the back alleys between buildings that are centuries old, one needs to spend a few days here. And that’s not difficult at all.

There are more Tajik-speaking people here than Uzbek, leading to some tensions, but for a tourist the dynamic is not much obvious because most people speak Russian anyways. Bukhara is very popular particularly among Persian (Iranian) and Russian tourists, making the restaurants and cafes in the old city kindof expensive. Stepping outside the perimeter lowers the prices in half.

Bukhara is about six to eight hours away from Tashkent, depending on your mode of transport. I preferred to take an overnight train which was more comfortable (and also saves one hotel stay). While it’s easy to get lost in the old city, I’d suggest checking out walking through the neighbourhoods, bazaars, and parks directly west of the old city too, to get a sense of how people live.

You are here: Photo Gallery » Uzbekistan

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