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In 2016, I backpacked through Central Asia for nearly three months. Here are my best pictures and recommendations for Kyrgyzstan.

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↑ A building inside Ichаn-Qаlа, the old city of Khiva.

Places to visit

Uzbekistan – Top 50

Pictures that will make you want to travel to Uzbekistan right now!


Tashkent, the capital city of Uzbekistan. Surprisingly lacking in historical sites, but its cosmopolitan character certainly makes up for it.


What used to be a bustling commercial city on the shores of the Aral sea is now a graveyard of ships in a desert.


Heart of the ethnic Uzbek culture.


This ancient city is full of larger-than-life technicolour monuments that have been beautifully restored.


Bukhara is one of silk road’s oldest centres of trade, scholarship, culture and religion.


This old city of slave traders and caravans is now a chic revitalized site with memorable architecture.

Things to do


Eating adventures and culinary delights of Uzbek cuisine.

City Life and Transportation

Curious about life in Uzbekistan’s cities, towns, and villages? How do you get around from one place to the next?

Monuments at Night

Uzbekistan’s dazzling monuments look even better at night.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Uzbekistan has four major UNESCO world heritage sites – Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shakhrisabz – and I visited all of them.

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