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Top pictures from my brief visit to Poland, to the capital city of Warsaw and the renaissance old town of Poznań. Armed with a few words in Polish, I met some incredibly friendly Poles, got to taste some delicious food in old Soviet-era milk bars, and biked through various neighbourhoods of Warsaw. It was an incredibly fun trip.

Poland Photo Gallery – Warsaw edition

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I spent three days in Warsaw which I think is just the right amount of time you need to check out bulk of the city and its tourist districts. I would recommend staying either in central warsaw, old city, or in the Praga neighbourhood. Each of those areas offers something very specific and characteristic locally, while being convenient points to move around a see other places in the city.

I/We arrived in the evening, checked in to our hostel in central Warsaw, and immediately set out to explore the city and find food. Central Warsaw is very modern and has lots of supermarkets and food courts, besides fast food places. Straying a bit further into a quiet residential street, we stumbled upon a little shack in the basement which was filled with people who, once we entered, stopped talking and turned around to greet us. The lady that ran that place said that dinner hour was almost over but since we were visitors she’d cook up something for us. That was the most delicious plate of pork cutlet, mashed potatoes, and dill-cucumber salad I ate.

Next day we walked over to the old city, which was beautifully restored and filled with tourists. Summer is a good time for business, as tour groups converge on the narrow cobblestone streets of the historic core. The royal palace, now a museum, was open to the public, and offered nice views of the entire old city and surrounding areas.

Subsequently, we walked over the Gadanski bridge to the eastern side of Warsaw to a neighbourhood called Praga. This whole walk was beautiful, and there are trails that go through a park and along the riverfront. Views of downtown Warsaw from the east side are beautiful. Praga itself was kinda eclectic, and felt very hipster/alternative. There was a street party with music, artists, and lots of streetfood. I’ve never tried a kielbasa tastier than here.

On our last day we rented bikes to check out some of the further neighbourhoods of Warsaw. Biking in the city is great – you’ll mostly ride on the sidewalks which are broader on the Soviet style avenues, but there is also an extensive trail system through parks and quieter streets. The Łazienki Park is huge, like NYC’s central park, and there are many trails that criscross it. I kept discovering neat little corners with art and sculptures and a couple of farmers and artisan markets along the way. We also made a trip all the way across the city to the old Jewish cemetery and the Jewish ghetto. You can still find some of the old walls intact.

Adequately exploring the city, we checked out a couple of more sights on the last day, such as the stadium, mermaid statue near the Copernicus museum, etc before heading off to the airport by a fast train.

You are here: Photo Gallery » Poland
For blog articles, check out the Poland travelogue page

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