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Top pictures from my brief visit to Poland, to the capital city of Warsaw and the renaissance old town of Poznań. Armed with a few words in Polish, I met some incredibly friendly Poles, got to taste some delicious food in old Soviet-era milk bars, and biked through various neighbourhoods of Warsaw. It was an incredibly fun trip.

Poland Travel Photos – Poznan

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Poznan was my first stop in Poland, and I got off the train without any Polish currency (Złoty). Most places will take Euros for a somewhat low exchange rates, alternatively you’ll find many currency exchange places at the train station or just outside. I was going to be in Poznan for the afternoon only, resuming the journey onwards to Warsaw. However, unfortunately the left luggage lockers were closed for renovations and we had to haul our backpacks through to the old city.

The downtown area of Poznan was heavily bombarded and mostly destroyed during the WW2 German invasion. Since then it has been well restored and now transformed into a tourist spot. As a result, there is no dearth of cafes, bars, boutiques, travel agencies, and restaurants serving all kinds of foods. It was a sunny day, and quite enjoyable to hang out on the patio.

Museums are free on Saturdays, so we checked out a couple of those quickly, otherwise there is not much to do in the old city other than walk around and people-watch while having a beer.

You are here: Photo Gallery » Poland
For blog articles, check out the Poland travelogue page

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