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Top pictures from my brief visit to Poland, to the capital city of Warsaw and the renaissance old town of Poznań. Armed with a few words in Polish, I met some incredibly friendly Poles, got to taste some delicious food in old Soviet-era milk bars, and biked through various neighbourhoods of Warsaw. It was an incredibly fun trip.

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Poland always seemed far away and deep inside the iron curtain that separated Europe during the Cold War. Things are obviously very different now, and when I was booking a ticket to Berlin earlier this year, I saw that the Polish border was like an hour away. Really! So I booked my onward flight from Warsaw and decided to give myself some more time to check out Poland.

It was a great decision! Check out the pictures below.

I/We travelled from Berlin to Warsaw, a comfortable six-hour train journey. On the way, we stopped at Poznan, an old renaissance era town that was leveled by German bombs in WW2. The town has been masterfully restored now and the old city is now a bustling tourist zone with cafes, bars, and restaurants. A very similar story is true about Warsaw as well, with tourists having access to all kinds of tourist infrastructure in this historic and beautiful part of the restored old city.

I enjoyed “real” Polish food, particularly eating at these Soviet-era “milk bars”, which are essentially no-frills, cheap and efficient restaurants. People are incredibly friendly, curious, and helpful – although few words and phrases in the local language always makes people warm up even more.

If you have some time to explore eastern Europe, I certainly recommend spending time in Poland. On my next visit, I’d like to check out some of the countryside, national parks, and of course big cities like Krakow.

You are here: Photo Gallery » Poland
For blog articles, check out the Poland travelogue page

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