Peru’s Stunning Landscapes

Author: Priyank

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  1. Libertador Hotel says:

    There have been many news reports concerning rain-related damage in the department of Puno, and, on account of those stories, Libertador Hotels, Resorts & Spas wishes to set the record straight that the devastated area is very far away from the destination’s major hotels, around 100 kilometers in fact, and that is why hotel managers and tour operators in Puno are guaranteeing that travelers will be 100% safe.

    “It’s important for tourists to know that hotels are located far from the affected area and that they can stick to their travel plans to go to Lake Titicaca and other destinations around the region with no danger whatsoever,” stated Luis Barboza, Libertador Operations Manager. He went further and asked media to inform that roads connecting Puno with Tacna, Arequipa, and Cusco are operating normally, as are those crossing the border into Bolivia, and that access to the Juliaca Airport is completely open and has not been affected by the rains.

    As some may know, this is the week in which Puno celebrates “La Candelaria”, perhaps its busiest tourist time of the year. The feast is in full swing, and those tourists who have already reached Puno are enjoying the traditions, culture, and natural settings this marvelous destination has to offer.

    Lima, Peru
    February, 4, 2010

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