Mexican Food!

Author: Priyank

Traveller, musician, blogger, bureaucrat. In that order. I'm very interested in trying new things and my interests are diverse. Food, people, places, technologies - I like them all. Whatever I do, I approach life with optimism and strive to make each day happy and fruitful.

8 responses to “Mexican Food!”

  1. Ryna says:

    Yum! Are you surprised this is the first photo album of yours from Mexico that I checked out? ;-p

    • Priyank says:

      Hey Ryna! Nice to see you here and you chose the perfect place to start from!! But your comment is about your comment and not the food, so I am kinda lost…lol

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  5. Suresh Gala says:

    I am 66 year young US citizen originally from India. I have done many hikes including Kili, EBC,

    Markha valley, Tour du mont blac and many in Himalayas. But have not done backpacking any country. Thinking to backpack Mexico this winter. Your site is very helpful.


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