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In 2016, I backpacked through Central Asia for nearly three months. Here are my best pictures and recommendations for Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan in Pictures

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↑ Burana Tower.

My first country in Central Asia, I fell in love with Kyrgyzstan instantly. Friendly people, delicious food and spectacular scenery. You’ll see from the pictures below. Enjoy! 🙂

Things to do

Kyrgyzstan – Top 50

Pictures that will make you want to travel to Kyrgyzstan right now!

City Life

Insights into Kyrgyzstan’s city life.


Pictures from the bazars of Kyrgyzstan: Sunday animal market in Karakol, city bazars in Bishkek and Osh.


Checkout Kyrgyz food photos.

Hiking and Outdoors

Kyrgyzstan is blessed with spectacular natural beauty and some serious hiking trails.

Driving through Kyrgyzstan

Driving through Kyrgyzstan is slow and unavoidable, but at least the sights of the countryside and the mountains are absolutely lovely.

Nature and Landscapes

Beautiful landscapes and vistas from across the country.

Places to Visit


Capital of Kyrgyzstan.


Lake Issyk-Kül and some places around it

Places on the Silk Road

Historical places of interest from the Silk Route.

Flying over Central Asia


Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan and is located in the Fergana Valley with more in similar with Uzbekistan next door.

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