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Egypt has a ton of historical sites – pyramids, temples, and lots of hieroglyphs – all making for nice photo opportunities.

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Egypt Top 25

Pictures that will make you want to travel to Egypt right now!

Hieroglyphs and ancient artwork

Pictures of some surviving outdoor art in ancient tombs and temples.

Cairo city

Pictures from Cairo, the capital of Egypt.


Aswan was my favourite town in Egpyt; much relaxed compared to other places.

Pyramids, Tombs, and Temples from the Pharaonic Era

There’s a wealth of historical relics from the Egyptian civilization all along the Nile.

Food and Markets

Egyptian food was mostly a generic variation of bread and meat, with fresh produce available thanks to the Nile.

Luxor and the Valley of Kings

The tourist highway in Egypt climaxes here.


Alexandria, on the Mediterranean Sea, has a number of places of interest, and makes for a good break from Cairo.

You are here: Photo Gallery » Egypt
See the Egypt travel stories page

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