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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a Star Alliance hub in Northern Europe. Often you can add a long layover between your trans-continental flights for free, giving you a day or two to spend in this city and get to know it a little bit. I had a layover in CPH on a cold rainy day in January, nevertheless it was fun to walk through the city and explore the downtown areas. Check out my pictures below!

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Few months ago while travelling from Turkey to Canada, I had a 18-hr layover in Copenhagen. I was excited to see this Danish city and check out its cycling infrastructure and old buildings in the city core.

Let me walk you through some of the things I did, and maybe you’ll get some ideas too. If your layover is anywhere more than four hours, an excursion to Copenhagen is definitely doable and worth it.

If you only have few hours to spend, I’d suggest you hit the Indre By “Inner city” neighbourhood. As the historical center, it is the home of most of Copenhagen’s attractions, nightlife options, and hotels. A direct train from the airport makes it convenient to visit. Strøget, a network of connected pedestrian-only cobblestone streets in the heart of the old city, is known for shopping and hanging out. Numerous cafes and little restaurants, clothing and apparel stores, bars and nightclubs etc. located inside historic buildings is a much pleasant experience than the mall culture predominantly seen in North America.

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Things to do during a layover in Copenhagen

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