Parks, Camping, and Outdoors

Author: Priyank

Traveller, musician, blogger, bureaucrat. In that order. I'm very interested in trying new things and my interests are diverse. Food, people, places, technologies - I like them all. Whatever I do, I approach life with optimism and strive to make each day happy and fruitful.

3 responses to “Parks, Camping, and Outdoors”

  1. […] Check out my pictures from 2008 pride parade. […]

  2. Claude says:

    Those are the best photos I have ever seen of the Pride Parade, on any year, anywhere. Maybe the Parade is better in Toronto than in London, England (seen on YouTube). But those photos are magnificent.

    • Priyank says:

      Hey Claudia! Thanks for commenting, I almost forgot about this post and photos!! I haven’t been to pride in 2 years I should go this year 🙂

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