Photo Friday 02.02: Kremlin guards

A quiet change of guards, Moscow, Russia

Russia is among the few countries in the world which imposes conscription on male citizens, although there are a number of ways to avoid military draft. One can easily see a large number of soldiers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

As I was walking in the Kremlin, a large number of guards appeared in the central court out of nowhere. There was reassignments and lot of movements which I image was for changing the guards posted at various administrative and military buildings inside the Kremlin.

I find it quite strange to see so many youngsters in the military during peace times (Russia has over 1 million troops). In any case, this ratio is nothing compared to Israel, where soldiers walk everywhere with their guns. It was quite scary initially (I hadn’t seen a real gun until the age of 26) but then I got used to it. đŸ™‚

Peace, comrades.