Photo Friday 01.21: USA

Times Square, New York City, USA

Whenever I go to New York City, I make it a point to stop by the Times Square. I feel humbled when I look at a mountain peak. I feel pensive when I look at a valley. I feel fresh breathing in the forests and I feel relaxed when seeing a sunset.

But what’s so special about the Times Square? It’s essentially a showcase of capitalist pursuits – complete with dazzling lights and extravagant commercials that entice you to spend. But I still like to visit that place once in a while, to celebrate the fact that I am a human, to celebrate the fact that my species built cities and brought us together.

While I am disillusioned by humanity in general and marvel at the spectacle we’ve created, Times Square stands to remind me of all the things we humans have done – good and bad.

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful 2011, and strength to do our part in making a difference to the world.