Andean Explorations – 23: Wrap up

This post is part of my Peru travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery

Thankyou for staying with me as I traveled through Peru. The journey started from Miraflores in Lima, moved south to Arequipa, where we saw the mighty Condors and trekked in Colca canyon – the world’s deepest canyon. The travelogue then went to the Bolivian border at Puno, Fertility temple and lake Titicaca – the highest inhabited lake in the world which had the Floating Uros islands and overnight stay at Amantani and Tequile. My Peru travel blog then dived deep into the Sacred Valley, Cusco, amazing Incan sites and finally culminating at Machu Picchu – the lost city of the Incas. Lima was my last city in Peru.

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There’s lot left for the next trip – “there’s always a next time” (my favorite quote (and excuse)). The more I traveled in Peru, the more I felt in love with the place. I would ideally give this country 3 months to fully explore 😛 (If wishes were horses birds,… I would fly… lol)

To-do list:

  1. Spend a fortnight in the rain forest around Iquitos
  2. Surf the sand dunes at Ica
  3. Take a plane ride and watch Nazca Lines
  4. Spend a week trekking in the ranges around Huaraz
  5. Explore the northern coast bordering Ecuador
  6. Take a road trip thru Sierra
  7. Spend more time in Sacred Valley

There’s lots to improve in travel writing. I am thankful for all your comments. I know some people who prefer to comment via email, and many others who read this anonymously. But this time, comeon show me some virtual love, write a comment and let me know how you felt. Thank you very much 🙂


This post is part of my Peru travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery