Montréal’s Mount Royal

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A mountain in the middle of a city? Neat!

↑ Mount Royal Cross, illuminated at night, is visible from most parts of the city

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Mont Royal is the mountain that gives its name to the city of Montréal. Located in the middle of the city and next to downtown Montreal and Le Plateau, Mont Royal is ideal for a brisk hike to the top. Since the highest point on Mont Royal is only 233m, its more like a large hill than a mountain. 🙂

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↑ Eastern side of Downtown Montréal

I went to Montreal in April last year and the weather was surprisingly warm that weekend. So warm that you could see sunbathers next to patches of snow. Now I know how they shoot commercials with nearly naked models on snow.

↑ Sunbathing, next to snow?

There are numerous trail that lead to the top and these make great hiking, running or cycling paths. The forest cover is beautiful. Then there are hordes of camera wielding tourist groups that walk randomly, large families with kids and grandparents and ofcourse couples who just seem to want some quiet time.

↑ Black, Red and White

↑ Picnic! Being a summer-esque day in early spring is a good reason to hang out

Mont Royal can be climbed from several spots, but the one that we chose started from the east side, went to the Mount Royal cross, then to the semicircular Kondiaronk Belvedere lookout, onwards to centre of Mont Royal park. From there, you could exit at the north/western side and head to the Oratorie, which will be my next post.

↑ Tam Tam jam on Sundays at the eastern edge of the mountain

So, if you have half a day to spend in Montreal and the weather is good, I’d definitely recommend hiking to Mont Royal and looking at the city from the top.

From my explore Canada travel series | Read other chapters – See photo gallery