Four days in Montréal.

I went to Montréal for the 4 day long weekend last week. The weather was fantastic, as high as 27ºC, giving everyone a much awaited respite from snow and cold.

Enjoying the spring sun at Lafontaine Park

While there were residual heaps of snow lying around, most people were looking forward to getting a tan (I tell them that I was born with one, lol).

Cobblestone street in Old Montréal district

Montréal’s old town is cute like many others, with little streets, cafes and things to discover.

Rue Sainte-Catherine is an important street in downtown Montréal

This is the street where you find a restaurant, a clothing store and a strip club next to each other, and quite frequently!

Montreal downtown viewed from Mont Royal

Mont Royal (from which the name of the city comes) is a hill in the middle of the city, and a good excuse for a pleasure hike.

Montreal has dedicated bike streets! Its incredible

I loved the cycling infrastructure in Montreal. Toronto has quite a lot but different kind.

Hand drums (tam tam) fest at Mont Royal

This is a summer thing. A place to catch the sun, hangout, play drums, dance, drink and smoke fun stuff.

Lunch at the Quebec’s traditional Cabane à sucre (Sugar shack)

Sugar shack is a place where maple syrup is made. I shared table with strangers, had eggs, beans, meats, dessert – all with maple syrup. 🙂

Overall, Montréal was so enjoyable that I cannot wait to go back!