Breathtaking display of fall colours at Montreal’s Mount Royal

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From bright yellow to deep red, Autumn has draped Montreal in a vivid and colourful blanket.

I visited Montreal last weekend and it was probably the best time to travel there to see fall colours. Autumn was at its peak and mother nature was holding a beautiful show of bright and vivid colours and it looked as if an artist’s mixing palette had emptied all over the city.

Mount Royal park

Parc Mont Royal, from which the city derives it’s name, is a beautiful mountain located in the middle of Montreal and next to the Plateau neighbourhood. From a distance, it looked like a hill spotted with green, red, orange and yellow dots. From up close, it looked much more impressive. There was colour everywhere I glanced, some angles appearing particularly appealing.

Mont Royal can be hiked in a couple of hours and there are large number of trails that criscross this mountain. Since the highest point on Mont Royal is only 233m, its more like a large hill than a mountain. There are numerous trail that lead to the top and these make great hiking, running or cycling paths. On Sundays during the summer months, checkout the Tam Tams (an event for geeks, hippies and intellectuals) at the foot of Mont Royal.

The city of Montreal (seen in the picture is McGill University’s campus) looking stunning from the top. I had a hard time putting my camera away (thankfully my partner has his own quirks so I was left alone).

Rolling slopes of Mount Royal leading to the hipster Le Plateau district

It’s very common for Torontonians to drive to northwards during this time, marveling at the changing season and getting lost in the enchanting bright oranges, yellows and reds. I will chase fall colours in Toronto next week but in the interim I am in love with Montreal.

Look up…
or look down… it’s colour everywhere!

Here’s one last picture of autumn leaves. Have you witnessed Autumn in this part of the world?

From my explore Canada travel series | Read other chapters โ€“ See photo gallery