Kerala: God’s Own Country: Day 6

Kerala: God’s own country: Here are the other posts and pictures!
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Rail tracks, next to the airport and I saw a train during takeoff… so cool!

Journey back home

We had breakfast with the Belgian visitors and wished them a good journey ahead. It was time to leave Munnar and this this beautiful place. There was a bus to Aluva waiting for the three of us at the bus stand. The ride was long and down hill for the initial part and on flat land after Kothamangalam. We traveled significantly in the plains but noticed that roads in Kerala are full of turns and bends and straight patches occur seldom.

The obscure Airport – in case you miss the sign

At Aluva we purchased some packets of fresh banana chips fried in coconut oil, a signature snack of Kerala. The Cochin airport is now located at Nedumbassery, about 13 km from Aluva, but few people in the town seem to know about it.

Curious flag posts of political parties

Security checks at Cochin airport was extra tight and my rucksack was scanned and re scanned. I had to leave my deospray behind and explain many other things (we had huge packets of banana chips).

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Cochin (Kochi) airport, nice to see a well designed airport.


Many people had declared that this 5.5 day trip would be very hectic and it was sinful to travel to Kerala for such a short duration. True, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from travelling. Never mind all that. We had a blast and I can’t wait to go back to Kerala once again. It is a state of genuinely hospitable people, delicious foods, and endowed with infinite natural beauty.

Thanks for staying with me on this journey! Hope you visit Kerala soon!

Kerala: God’s own country: Here are the other posts and pictures!
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