Toronto Tuesday 03.15: Guelph Arboretum

University of Guelph’s botanical garden

This post is part of the weekly Toronto Tuesday series

One more post from the progressive city of Guelph, 100km west of Toronto.

Established in 1971, the botanical garden of University of Guelph is spread over 165 hectares (1.65 and boasts of over 38 species of mammals, 188 species of birds, 39 species of butterflies, 18 reptiles and amphibians as well as shrubs and trees.

For some reason, I was feeling inspired to take pictures of various signboards in the park. I am resisting temptation to post more…

We spent a quiet hour walking on some of the trails and checking out a number of gardens which are inspired from different gardening styles such as the Japanese garden and the English garden. I am not quite sure what makes the English garden English, perhaps its the symmetry and an overly organised feel?

↑ Sun-dial in the English garden. It shows the correct time, just remember to make the daylight savings adjustment!

Numerous activities are held in the arboretum, it seems like a cool place to hang out if you find yourself in Guelph.

It’s especially great for those (like me) who prefer to study outdoors, I can’t do the coffee shop thing.