A foggy night in old Montreal

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The weather in this part of North America is very interesting these days. Accompanying the dramatic change of season from Summer to Winter are foggy nights. In an urban setting of old architecture shadowed by a thick fog, the nights seem quite eerie!

Notre-Dame basilica and vicinity

By the time I was inspired to pull out my camera, wear layers and go out, the fog was starting to thin. Montréal’s old quarter is located east of the downtown business district and centered around the grand Notre-Dame Basilica which faces a square (Place d’Armes).

In the center of Place d’Armes is a memorial for Paul de Chomedey, the founder of Montreal. I thought that the monument was very sexy, especially when lit up at night and when the light gets diffused because it’s foggy.

Lots of photographers had assembled at the square, probably as part of a photo shoot or a workshop.

Entertainment and nightlife

Bordering the old town are few blocks of cobblestone street lined by a range of bars, cafes and restaurants. It was still early so the streets were not so busy but from my other visits I know it gets quite crowded.

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Montréal’s old city is pedestrian and bicycle friendly and filled with small stores, entertainment and food places that will keep one busy for an entire afternoon or evening.