Toronto Tuesday 03.14: Fergus

Scottish Festival in Fergus

This post is part of the weekly Toronto Tuesday series

↑ Welcome to Fergus, the Scottish capital of Canada. I like the artistic sign board.

Fergus is located right next to Elora and to together they constitute the two main towns of the Centre Wellington township, located about 120km west of Toronto. We parked our car in a downtown parking lot and explored the commercial part of the town until it started raining heavily. The town is very walkable and dotted with limestone buildings and cute cafes and stores.

↑ Grand River and Fergus town (formerly known as ‘Little falls’)

We visited Fergus in August, when it was hosting the widely popular Sottish Festival and Highland Games. The games are claimed to be the largest conglomeration of clans and contests are held for music and dancing, in addition to typically Scottish events such as the Caber toss. Checkout their BIA website.

In addition, the largest truck show in North America is held here. Phew! Lot of significant festivals and events happening in this small town.

↑ Did someone forget….?