Dhom Dam

Dhom Dam, built on the Krishna river, is located in western Maharashtra, India. The dam is just 40 km from the hill station of Mahabaleshwar, where the river originates. It is accessible from the temple town of Wai, barely 9 km away. The dam was built in 1978 and has a small hydro-electric project. Some information in Marathi is here: धोम धरण.

When we went there in September last year, we didn’t know the amount of beauty it carried. I had seen the movie Omkara only a few days back and was mesmerized by the location of the temple. I was insisting on going to that site. Casual inquiries led us to this amazing place.

Several movies were shot in this area, for example: Swades, Omkara and Gangajal. There were more movies in the pre-Priyank era 😉

Government is planning to promote tourism in this reserve. I’m sure the place will be ruined and turn ugly in no time with water sports facilities, picnic spots and restaurants.
Already the place is starting to get dirty. Look what was left behind by the makers of the latest movie – presumably Omkara:

Plaster of paris and other artificial construction materials discarded haphazardly

Cuckoo’s post brought back memories of the place. Harshad and Umesh have a nice photosfrom the Parsi Point in [tag]Pachgani[/tag], worth checking out.

Next time you go to Mahabaleshwar, don’t miss the maha Ganpati temple at Wai (वाई चा महा गणपती) and the Dhom Dam.