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Thank you for interest in contacting me. The fastest way to reach me is by using the contact form or the email address below. E-mail priyank at finaltransit dot com Contact form I will usually respond to all nicely written messages (at the very least, I expect you to address me by my name!) within […]

Thank you for interest in contacting me. The fastest way to reach me is by using the contact form or the email address below.


priyank at finaltransit dot com

Contact form

I will usually respond to all nicely written messages (at the very least, I expect you to address me by my name!) within two days unless I am traveling. You may ask me specific queries, comment on my blog-posts, simply say ‘hi’, or offer me a drink (last one works fastest, lol) 😉

If your question is regarding advertising or guest posting please read the next section before submitting this form.

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Guest posts

I seldom publish guest posts because the content is often unrelated to rest of my blog, or an advertiser is trying to sneak a link. However, if you have a specific topic in mind, I will be more than happy to hear you. When you contact me, please provide an outline of your idea or few writing samples. Here are some guidelines:

  • I do not post advertisements disguised as a blog post. If you are advertising a commercial website, please enquire about rates.
  • The content must showcase your first-hand experience on the subject matter and shouldn’t infringe on any copyright laws.
  • I encourage you to add between one to six images, preferably horizontal and no greater than 500px wide. If these are not your pictures, you could use other sources, provided you don’t infringe on any copyrights.
  • No links to external websites except to independent, authoritative ones. Where applicable, an internal link to a post from my blog is appreciated (use the search field to find).
  • Size of the article depends on the topic but somewhere around 500-700 words would be ideal. Ensure that it is proof-read and formatted. Check out my posts for the expected look and feel.
  • I would be delighted to include your bio with upto two sentences and two links.

Advertising, product reviews and the fun stuff.

I have, in the past, reviewed products and services on this blog (always with transparent disclosure to my readers.) I’ll be happy to work with you on your customized advertising needs which could be as simple as a text link.

Text link / advertisement / product review policy:

  • Blog posts appear on the front page for about 5-7 weeks and will be available in the archives forever
  • I’ll be thrilled to review your product or service with full disclosure to the readers. Note that, I will write a honest review based on my experience and tests and this does not guarantee positive results
  • I will not entertain link requests from unrelated or malicious/spam websites

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Author: Priyank

Traveller, musician, blogger, bureaucrat. In that order. I'm very interested in trying new things and my interests are diverse. Food, people, places, technologies - I like them all. Whatever I do, I approach life with optimism and strive to make each day happy and fruitful.

15 responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Alex DP says:

    I enjoyed your Peru travel blog very much. Very nice pictures 🙂

  2. vinodh says:

    it’s been ages since i visited this site… probably 8 or 9 years?

  3. Ramdas Thatte says:


    Great site,

    send me an email, I am trying to get in touch with as many Thatte’s as possible. My father and brother took lot of efforts to publish Thatte kulvruttant about 2 years back. Your name p’bly is in there.


  4. Emilia Chandradinata says:

    Dear Priyank,
    I browsed this website unexpectedly. I saw many beautiful sceneries of Bhutan. Since I’m a short story writer, may I ask some of the pictures for my reference?
    Thank you for your kindness.

  5. Darshana Pangal says:

    Hey Priyank,

    How are you? Man!! What happened to your blog? Has it moved to some other address? Also I dont see any pictures.. 🙁


  6. Indu says:

    Hi Priyank,
    I have been following your blog. I should let you know that it truly was liberating and an enjoyable experience and brought a smile to my face and hope, when I was undergoing chemotherapy. I fought because there was so much to see and experience(yes, I was 27 when I was diagnosed). I am writing to see how you are doing and when myself and other avid followers can expect a resurrection of your blogs? Crazy to even think we miss people, even those we virtually connect with.
    p.S. Next time you are Chi town, drop a line.

  7. Shubham Rana says:

    Hi Priyank,

    It was fun to read your posts regarding world traveling especially the one about Indian Passport. I also felt that misery but I felt somewhat relieved when I read your post.

    I am, like you, too interested in travelling. I study here in one of the IITs, if you know about them. My love for my travel made me to cover most parts of India but the lengths of oceans could not stop me and I made my way to Singapore and Malaysia, on my own, that too on a very limited budget at the age of 19.

    Your blogs really inspired me to do what I love the most. But sometimes I am confused. I would be more than happy if you could answer me them based on your experiences.
    First of all, how is all this possible? I mean who is ready to give you 2 months off just for traveling, especially when you are in India!
    Secondly, is there any any saturation for this wanderlust? I mean will the time come when I would be bored of all this traveling stuff?

    Hope to listen from you soon.

    P.S. Captcha code not working

    Shubham Rana
    Varanasi, India

  8. […] I am like an unofficial Toronto tour guide now. This summer I showed the city to atleast 5 people. If you every visit my wonderful city, call me! […]

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