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5 reasons why Turkey is for everyone

In the little time that I spent in there, I felt that Turkey had something to offer to tourists and travellers of all kinds. The country is full of wonderful natural sights and urban chaos, a mix of the religious and the liberals, delicious food and thousands of years of history. There are plenty of tour operators as well as infinite options for do-it-yourself types. Let me show you why Turkey is, indeed, for everyone.

How to see a Russian Ballet at Moscow’s State Kremlin Palace

Watching “The Nutcracker” performed by the Bolshoi ballet in Moscow’s Kremlin was one of the highlights of my trip to Russia. The setting, the music, costumes and the performances were perfect! Storytelling by young men and women with long legs jumping and spinning around the stage on their toes while wearing funky costumes = priceless.

Iconic Canadian erection for peace and victory

Located at the centre of Canada’s Parliament buildings at Ottawa, the Peace tower is a tall and proud structure attesting Canadian bravery and contribution to world peace.

Strolling in Le Plateau: Montreal’s hipster district

One of the distinctive features of the buildings in Le Plateau are their external spiraling staircases. A simple feature, but it transforms the character of the streets completely, doesn’t it. When I walk on the sidewalks, it seems as if the large buildings are descending to the ground to greet me!

In search of an authentic rural market at Saquisili

Contrasting two of Ecuador’s rural weekly markets: A grand market at Otavalo and a smaller market at Saquisili. What’s the test for authenticity? Join me as I examine some clues from Saquisili market that may help answer the question.

A foggy night in old Montreal

Exploring Montréal’s charming historic city blocks on a foggy autumn night

Disappointing touristy fare at Otavalo’s saturday artisan market

The famous market was thriving for sure, but were did the handmade crafts go?

Breathtaking display of fall colours at Montreal’s Mount Royal

Mount Royal, the mountain in the middle of Montreal city, looks absolutely stunning during fall.

Where an obsolete institution convenes: Canada’s Senate house

Without doubt, I’m of the firm opinion that the Senate of Canada in it’s current form is an obsolete institution that must either be radically remodeled or abolished outright.

The Senate house a really beautiful chamber all funded by my tax dollars. I’d rather see it converted to a space for performing arts or a museum than wasting it for senate proceedings.