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Why is Quito a UNESCO World Heritage City?

I am extremely curious about historical sites especially the ones like Quito that are recognised internationally. So, armed with a list of criteria that UNESCO uses to select heritage sites, I started on a journey to experience Quito in a UNESCO way.

Flying Men dance

I read about this dance while researching about mesoamerican dances. The flying men dance is very circus-like, but it has a religious and ceremonial connotation from the Maya traditions. I wonder how much of the original dance and ceremony is still preserved, but the spectacle that was created here, with the accompanying music and chanting, did give me goosebumps.

When less is more

Being frugal on the road is not difficult at all. Infact, after a while, it becomes a way of life because it’s natural for us to want more for less. Travellers will LOVE talking about the things they do to save money and I am no exception. In this post, I’ve discussed top three strategies that I passionately follow in order to save money during travel

Rise and fall of Xochicalco

Spread over a desolate plateau, Xochicalco is a sprawling pre-Columbian archeological site that bears a remarkable affinity with the Mayans, the Teotihuacans, and the Matlatzincan cultures of central Mexico. Xochicalco became a regional power that filled the political vacuum created by the declining Teotihuacan empire around 600 CE. Around a temple of the feathered serpent at the top of the hill, astronomers and mathematicians gathered in a observatory to study the movement of the sun.

Horizon beyond the mountains

It was dawn, my favourite time of the day. The sun had just begun rising and I opened my eyes only to find myself looking directly at it. Its soft golden rays, filtering through the tinted windows, had lit up the interiors of the bus which was now making a sharp turn on the winding roads of the northern mountain ranges in Guerrero, Mexico.
“¡Baja, por favor!”
I hurriedly asked the driver to let me off

Toltec warriors with butterfly shields

Tula, the capital city of Toltecs, has intriguing gigantic stone statues of Toltec warriors in its archeological zone. It is also believed that the ancient Toltec ruler was very “white” and had to leave his throne for some reason. He pledged to come back. When the Spanish arrived centuries later, people thought that the mythical king was back. As if this was not interesting enough, I visited a cathedral in the city that has a semi-naked mural of Jesus Christ. A fun and strange day overall!

Metro stations or museums?

One could easily spend an entire day stopping at major stations and marveling at the beautiful architecture, sculptures, paintings and other art installations

Plagiarism by the print media

Some tips to prevent your pictures from getting indexed by Google Images I personally rely upon blogs for my source of information, and I often find them more useful than newspapers because blog posts are richly connected with links to other relevant information. With so much quality content freely available, its no wonder that the […]

Stalin’s Seven Sisters

This post is part of my Russia travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery Seven most prominent buildings of Moscow The “Seven Sisters” is the English name given to a group of Moscow skyscrapers designed in the Stalinist style. Moskvich (Muscovites) call them Stalinskie Vysotki (Сталинские высотки / स्तालीन्स्कीए वीसोक्ती), meaning “Stalin’s tall buildings”. They […]