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Volunteering to Save Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

Immensely rewarding and spiritual experience watching leatherback and green turtles nest on the beach. You won’t get this on an organised tour.

Discover Toronto on a Train Ride from the Airport

Visiting Toronto for the first time? Take this train from the airport to get yourself oriented to the city!

Exploring the Silk Route in Central Asia

One of my lifelong dreams has been to backpack in Central Asia, on routes that ancient caravans took along the Silk Road, travelling along paths carved through desolate deserts, vast grasslands, and soaring mountains, places where the Western civilizations met the Eastern.

Back to the land of Maya ruins and Tabasco chili peppers

Why travelling in Mexico is a spiritual experience for me. Oh, and a last-minute trip this Fall to the deep Southern interiors of Mexico – Chiapas and Tabasco

A tale of two mosques

A detailed account with stunning pictures from my visit to Istanbul’s two famous mosque – the Blue mosque and the Süleymaniye mosque. Is one of them better than the other? Which one do I recommend? Read on…

How to see Istanbul’s top tourist sights in a day

It’s pretty hard to squeeze everything in a day trip to Istanbul, but that need not stop us from trying. In this post I’ll walk you through the top places to see, followed by a plan to target visiting everything in a day. We will not waste any time entering many museums since this is a day trip (and since you’ll come back anyways).

Next project: Afghanistan, plus one

Afghanistan has been on my list for a while and I was initially planning a six month trip from Kabul to Istanbul. Unfortunately that’s a long time commitment so I am thinking of doing something shorter. Parts of Afghanistan are now free from the Taliban and safe (well…) to travel and I am looking into traveling to some places in the region.

Indian passport: Awful for travel, excellent for making friends!

Indian travellers often complain that they face lots of restrictions on their travels due to the limitations of the Indian passport. Indeed, India ranks poorly on the visa restrictions index since only 51 countries will allow Indian citizens to either travel there without visa or get a visa on arrival. However, let’s look at the silver lining shall we?

Building a traveller-friendly SimCity

If you could build a city in a video-game setting, how would you do it? In this post I share some of my strategies for building a Sim City that tourists and visitors would immensely enjoy.