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Travel Adventures on the Silk Road in Central Asia

One of my lifelong dreams has been to backpack in Central Asia, on routes that ancient caravans took along the Silk Road, travelling along paths carved through desolate deserts, vast grasslands, and soaring mountains, places where the Western civilizations met the Eastern.

San José: What to see in limited time there

Costa Rica | Travel stories | Photo gallery San José (san ho-say), the capital of Costa Rica, is the geographic, political, and cultural hub of the country. With it’s location at the centre, you’ll invariably pass through San Jose to get from anywhere west to anywhere east. Things to do in San Jose I’ll be […]

My list of best places to travel in Costa Rica

I travelled to Costa Rica for two and half weeks last Spring on a last minute completely unplanned trip. It ended up being lot of fun as we explored the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the country and some of the central highlands as well, eating more than just rice and beans. Read on!

Pictures that will make you travel to Costa Rica right now

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with amazing natural beauty. Here are some pictures from my recent trip tempting you to book a flight to this land of pura vida.

2015 – A Journey in Photographs

I traveled to some incredibly beautiful places in 2015; I this photo essay I’ll show you some of my favourite travel moments, from Turkey, Costa Rica, and Mexico

Copenhagen: Things to do during a layover

A layover in Copenhagen well spent exploring the city and checking out some historic sights in the downtown core. Some helpful tips to plan your visit.

There’s more to Costa Rican food than rice and beans!

Food post! Pictures and descriptions of mouth watering dishes and specialties from coast to coast!

Flowing along with the Brahmaputra

Bizarre mythological origins of the river Brahmaputra in Guwahati

Temple of the Menstruating Goddess

The world is full of wonderful traditions and rituals that often look bizarre to outsiders. Visiting this temple dedicated to the female aspect of fertility, I was in for a shock…