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2015 – Year in review

2015 was a great year for travel and I visited many new places. Join me on a little trip around the world.

2014 – Year in review

2014 was a great year for travel. Overall I was on the road for over 10 weeks of the year, spending most of my vacation in India and some in Turkey where I am right now.

2013 – Year in review

2013 for me was not as travel filled as some of the previous years. Nevertheless I did explore a bit. Let me show you some of those places in this annual summary post.

2012 – Year in review

Brief report of where I travelled in 2012. It was a great year, I was away for almost three months and working hard for the remaining time. Visiting Turkey and India were probably my highlights.

Building a traveller-friendly SimCity

If you could build a city in a video-game setting, how would you do it? In this post I share some of my strategies for building a Sim City that tourists and visitors would immensely enjoy.

Website review:

Review of a travel website.

Year 2010 in review

What did I do in 2010?

Between High School and a Hard Place

Filling In the Gap Before Filling Out the Applications


Trip to Mexico in January