Category: Friday Photo

Photo Friday 03.16: Condom beach

It’s true. I was casually walking on the waterfront with a friend, away from the main area, and heard some squeaky sounds. We were shocked to see condoms there. Not one or two, but hundreds of them, all over the place!

Photo Friday 03.15: Sangay National Park

I hike up from Baños to catching a glimpse of the snow capped Tungurahua volcano surrounded by grassy paramo and a thick forest. Clouds hang low in the region and after hiking through a foggy patch I emerge over the cloud layer and watch the beautiful conical peak golden under the rays of evening sun

Photo Friday 03.14: Snowmobile highways

Until few years ago, I had no clue that one could traverse through major cities in Northern Ontario (and all over Canada, in general) during peak winter thanks to a comprehensive network of snow mobile trails. Ontario alone has about 39,000 km of snow mobile highways! I drove briefly on one of these trails when I went to Timmins couple of winters earlier

Photo Friday 03.13: Memorial Chorten

Thimphu’s memorial chorten, built in 1974 to honour the 3rd King of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, is a prominent landmark in the city with its golden spires and bells. The best time to visit here is in the morning when devotees arrive to offer respects and pray.

Photo Friday 03.12: Detroit, reloaded

Downtown area of Detroit is quite interesting, with well kept buildings right next to a lot that’s empty or being torn down. Back in the day, this automobile capital of USA had a bustling downtown. The city is slowly emerging from decay and I hope it regains its charm in the next decade or so.

Photo Friday 03.11: Samovar

It seems that in Russian train there are these industrial water heating units called Samovar (Самовар / समोवर) in each compartment. As soon as my train departed Moscow, everyone, young and old, grabbed their mugs and lined up at the samovar for some hot water. It was very interesting to watch this!

Photo Friday 03.09: Inca agricultural laboratory

The purpose of these depressions is uncertain, but their depth and orientation with respect to wind and sun creates a temperature difference of as much as 15 °C between the top and bottom. This large temperature difference was possibly used by the Inca to study the effects of different climatic conditions on crops

Photo Friday 03.08: Caving in Mexico

From cute little stalagmites along the path (I was so tempted to crush them) and gigantic ones about ten times my size, to thin stalactites that hung precariously over my head and mammoth ones that seemed like pillars supporting the mountain above, the caves were full of fascinating calcium carbonate structures

Photo Friday 03.07: Acre Fish market

Acre or Akko as it is locally known, is a UNESCO world heritage city that played a significant role in shaping histories of several cultures: Israelites, Greeks, Romans, Crusaders, Arabs and the Bahá’í. The historic old city has a big Turkish market (souk) with many interesting stores including the ones selling made in China tourist knick-knacks