Toronto Tuesday 03.06: Canada Post

End of the postal strike and at the mercy of a right wing government

This post is part of the weekly Toronto Tuesday series

↑ Canada Post: Mail delivery truck

Two weeks ago, the Government of Canada enacted a back-to-work legislation that forced unionised employees of Canada Post to go back to work. The employees were on strike, protesting against certain discriminatory practises that were proposed by the management of Canada Post. I’m of the opinion that disputes can be settled through negotiations.

↑ Union protest signs and the Canada post building

However, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has a different philosophy. Through this legislation, they swatted away worker’s rights and effectively steered our country towards the older days where worker’s rights didn’t matter.

↑ Trucks parked outside the post office during strike.

I always have a pleasant experience at the post office. Ofcourse the service is quirky sometimes, but hey, that’s what public service usually is. 🙂

↑ Post office building, Parkdale, Toronto