Photo Friday 02.04: Canada Day

July 1, 1867: Canada’s birthday.

‘Photo Friday’ is a weekly series for publishing pictures from around the world. (resuming after a gap of 5 months with a story from the Canadian border).

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↑ Sign on the Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls

Every time I visit Niagara falls, I go to the Rainbow bridge and walk across to USA. The view of the two falls from this bridge is very beautiful.

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↑ American falls and Canadian falls (aka horseshoe falls)

However, when I went there the last time with a friend, I was too lazy to cross over to USA; so I returned without getting my passport stamped. Trouble.

Canadian customs officer: Where did you go?
Me: Just to the bridge, to see the falls
Customs officer: Did you read the sign before entering the bridge?
Me: Which one?
Customs officer: The sign says “Bridge to USA” – so this bridge is to be used for going to USA. Did you think this was a tourist spot?
Me: Sorry, I didn’t realise that.
Customs officer: No problem. Remember next time: The Rainbow Bridge is not a tourist attraction.

…but with a name like that, I think they should make it a tourist attraction.

Did you have a strange border experience like this one?