Birthday musings

As I turn 28 today, I look at the things I did last year and the things I’m hoping to do before turning 29!

Last year

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Biking on trails and abandoned train tracks in Niagara

The 28th year of my life was pretty interesting. I started it by crossing the Canada-USA border on my bicycle, getting shooed off the expressway in Buffalo and finally re-entering Canada as a permanent resident on my bike, much to the astonishment of the border guards. Hmm.. perhaps I should blog about it!

A month later I quit my job, packed my stuff and got ready to go on a 3 month holiday.

The first destination was Russia. Very eventful, very educative and very enjoyable.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral and statues commemorating the leaders of Russia’s volunteer army against the Polish invaders

Then I went to Mumbai, to see friends and family after 2 years. I traveled around, went on a 1600 km road trip with family, relaxed and enjoyed mom-made meals.

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Mahishasura, Chamundi Hill, Mysore

Finally, I went to Bhutan, very Himalayan, very Buddhist and very spiritual. 🙂

Chilies left hanging to dry from a house. They will then be used in Bhutan’s national food – Cheese and Chili

All this was in 2008.

2009 has been pretty dull – travel wise. Summer has been good season for cycling, although my old faithful bike got stolen and I had to invest in a new one. Just yesterday I finished a 4 day semi-adventurous cycling trip in southern Ontario with Chad. We got the whole deal: rain, flat tyre, sleeping in a corn field and getting lost.

Loaded up. Somewhere near Cayuga, southern Ontario

Next year

Oh, if wishes were horses….

I’d like to do a camping trip in Fall and Winter, see more of Canada (Montreal, West coast) and if there is sufficient vitamin M, perhaps a trip to Mexico wont be bad…! 😀


Goofy in the GO train.

Sometimes I think that this blog is a living being…

I started this travel blog in November 08. Till date, there have been 74 posts (that’s about 2 per week), 1457 comments (that’s about 20 per post, including replies), and 36 subscriptions. I’m happy with these figures esp since I am not putting much efforts into promotion.

Overall, I am excited about the future. This blog is an extension of my personal travel journal, and I hope to keep you entertained. Thanks for the support! 🙂