Photo Friday 02.13: Khuruthang gompa

Buddhist monastery at dawn

‘Photo Friday’ is a weekly series showcasing pictures from around the world.

I wake up early in the morning and go out to see this little town of Khurutang, near Punakha, Bhutan. The sky is cloudy and the wind is gentle. A ray of sun occasionally pierces through the blanket of fog, suddenly lighting up the golden spire on top of a building. It looks mysterious, almost like a Hitchcock movie plot, so I walk in that direction.

It’s a Buddhist Gompa, a place of learning, lineage and meditation. I take a picture of young monks sweeping the courtyard as a old woman walks past me.

“Kuzu zangpo la,” I greet her.
She looks at me, raises her hand and keeps walking towards the main temple, with a prayer wheel vigourously spinning in her hand.

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