Andean Explorations – 1: Prologue

This post is part of my Peru travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery

I got up on one Sunday morning with an acute hangover and declared to my roommate that I needed a vacation. Since a couple of months, I have been monitoring flight ticket prices to the following destinations: South America, Morocco and Egypt. Within an hour then, I had booked a flight to Lima.

So all I had at that point was a valid ticket to visit Peru two weeks from then. I was totally clueless about things to do there, and I didn’t have a tourist visa, or an approval of vacation from work or an approval of break from school or any knowledge of Spanish, and finances in jittery… and so on. I discovered that I knew nothing, nothing at all about Peru other than that the Guava fruit was called Peru (पेरू) in Marathi and I like green Guavas a lot.

Obviously, things started falling in place; I got all approvals, arranged for vitamin M and did my research thoroughly. In no time, I was on my way…

– – –

I’m back from Peru now and I had lot of fun and adventure packed into those two weeks spent there, almost like a zip file, which left me craving for more. I also learnt a lot of things about being a better traveler, better citizen and about the infinite world out there that is waiting to be explored. I met several interesting people who had been on the road for as short as a week to as long as over a year – wow. I am barely a beginner in my quest to travel the world.

I kept a journal during this trip and over the next few weeks I’ll post relevant scraps from it. It will, hopefully, give you a preview that’s tempting enough for you to pack your bags and get going.

As always, comments and suggestions are sought and appreciated.

This post is part of my Peru travel series: Travel stories | Photo gallery