Hello, and thank you for stopping by! My name is Priyank. Since 2007, I have been travelling the world, blogging and photographing my experiences. This blog is my medium of communicating some of the most wonderful experiences, sights, and stories that the world has to offer. My life philosophy is guided by the thrill of exploration, and planned attempts to land in unplanned circumstances, something that I think is essential to keep life exciting and encouraging.

Travelling the world

I apply the old-fashioned work-save-travel style when it comes to traveling. Every year, I take approximately two months off work and travel to places I haven’t seen before. I spend the rest of the year in Toronto, working in the public sector, playing music and saving for the next adventure.

Travelling is the best way to spend your money, isn’t it?

I backpack on a shoe-string budget; couchsurfing and hitchhiking allow me to connect with real people all over the world, experience hospitality and generosity, and return with memorable stories.

Personal life

I spent the first 25 years of my life in post-socialist India and moved to Canada in 2006, and now I’m a Canadian citizen. Over the years I travelled to several countries around the world (on my Indian passport too).

Nothing excites me more than seeing how remarkably similar we all are, despite our inherent cultural differences. All over the world, mothers make the best meals, little kids have the sweetest smiles, and general people on the street go out of their way to help you. Simple human emotions, not material possessions, make us happy.

I try to approach life with optimism and strive to make each day happy and fruitful. If today were my last day on the earth, I’d want to leave in peace, with a sense of achievement, with no hatred and no regrets. The title of this blog alludes to the same philosophy. It’s not a particularly bright one, but I chose the name in the early 2000s and stuck with it.

I live with my partner in downtown Toronto. We have been together since 2009 and usually travel together.

For more long-ish old-fashioned version, head over to the about-me page on my personal website.

This website

I started blogging since June 2005 but it wasn’t until November 2007 that I started writing about my travels. Since then, this website and its twin priyank.com have been an inseparable part of my identity. I have blogged through several ups and downs in my life and see no reason to give it up anytime in the future.

My topics of interest are sustainability, engineering, history, geography and languages. I see things with that (often geeky) frame of mind. Like most travellers, I take a ton of pictures.

Stay in touch

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  • I’m also working on a secret project… a youtube channel.

Happy travels,

Author: Priyank

Traveller, musician, blogger, bureaucrat. In that order. I'm very interested in trying new things and my interests are diverse. Food, people, places, technologies - I like them all. Whatever I do, I approach life with optimism and strive to make each day happy and fruitful.

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