Why the Brooklyn Bridge is my favourite attraction in NYC

Priyank Thatte

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10 Responses

  1. Zhu says:

    Amazing night pic!

    I agree, this is a great attraction… and yes, a free one! We had a lot of fun crossing the bridge when we were in NYC this summer. The view is amazing and you get to truly see NYC’s skyline, which looks somewhat less impressive when you are in the heart of Manhattan (unless you constantly look up!).

    I like bridges in general and this one didn’t disappoint.

  2. Best Offer India says:

    Nice Post. thankyou for sharing this.

  3. Erica says:

    I have only seen Brooklyn Bridge from afar. I wanted to walk over to Brooklyn to look at the view, my travel friends weren’t equally keen on the idea though so I saved it for later. Running across sounds fun! In my experience, anything that makes you feel like a local usually is.

    • Priyank says:

      Hi Erica, thanks for the comment and welcome to my website! I hope you can visit the bridge on your next visit, it will totally be worth it!

  4. laura says:

    I am going to see this beauty next week :DDDDDDDDDD so happy!! http://www.touramerica.ie/