Cotacachi, Ecuador’s leather capital

Priyank Thatte

Traveler, Geek, Blogger, Musician, and a Bureaucrat. In that order. I like to narrate stories, click pictures, and partake in some social commentary. I also like to make each day happy and fruitful because there is no point in living otherwise, is there. Personal blog | Travel blog

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10 Responses

  1. Darshana Pangal says:

    :)) getting a good deal is such a joy!! You’ve almost written a computer program for bargaining :p

    • Priyank says:

      haha, thanks Darshana. It’s impossible to tell if a deal is good or not if one is purely thinking in monetary terms. But money is just one factor isn’t it.

  2. MyPath says:

    Getting into new place my first priority is to see places and capture views in my eyes, followed by my camera and then taking some gifts. Usally my goal is not to spend on high ticket items because it often upsets my budget. Takig pictures with locals , getting little bit of history and spending time in peace is more important.

  3. Zhu says:

    I suck at bargaining. It’s probably cultural! I do it though, especially in Asia. I bought a great leather jacket in Buenos Aires ten years ago (it was a bargain because of the economic crisis then – yes, I felt bad!) and I still wear it today.

    • Priyank says:

      Oh wow 10 years, that’s awesome. I’m generally delighted if something holds up for a couple of years… in these days of cheapness, the quality is not the same (haha, I sound like my grandfather)

  4. wonderful landscape!!…love the clouds on the mountains!!