Monthly Archive: April 2011

Eleven hours North

Snow might have melted in Toronto, but it was still winter in the north. I was travelling by bus in a journey that took 11 hours. The bus ran along highway 11, cutting through vast expanse of the countryside with nothing but large farmlands on both sides that stretched for kilometers at a time. Streams of water filled the trenches along both sides of the highway, collecting water that poured out of fields as they thawed under the warmth of the early spring sun.

The marvel under earth’s surface

The first time I heard about stalactites and stalagmites was in sixth grade geography class. My textbook had few very uninspiring black-and-white sketches of these natural limestone columns and my teacher had a knack at presenting even the most fascinating geographic formations in a dull and boring manner. It all changed when I visited the Cacahuamilpa caves in Mexico.

Every step I took inside the caves made my smile wider and wider as I saw pictures from my geography textbook leap into reality before me. The darkness and emptiness of the vast chambers filled with limestone towers of

Le Plateau – Hipster Montreal

A la Carte Bed and Breakfast I have been to Montreal only twice now but since the city is extremely walkable and has good public transit, I could easily go around and see different parts of the city. Montreal is a city of neighbourhoods, each with a micro culture. For example, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough (arrondissement) […]

To Ski or not to Ski: That is the question

Canadian Rocky mountains, in summer or in winter The Canadian Rockies are world renowned for their skiing credentials, but skiing and snowboarding are not the only sport this part of the country boasts. During the summer months, the resorts double up as popular golf destinations, benefiting from idyllic alpine views, crystal clear waters and crisp […]